Parents are usually apprehensive about killing games because they are too violent for their kids. There is good news here though; you can find a number of killing games that do not provoke aggression and hostility for both adults and kids as well.

Street Fighter

This game first came out in 1987. It is until now a competitive fighting game where you will combat with the computer or another player until only one of you is the last one standing. Though the thought here is to “kill” the other character, this is one of the killing games that are not so violent at all compared to Mortal Kombat which was rated as the most violent fighting game of all time by Fox News.

Death Race

This game is released in 1976 and during that time, it was a very controversial game because it is one of those killing games that are too violent for the gamers at that time. The game involves the players running down on gremlins using their vehicles. Then they turn into tombstones after screaming and crying. This is downright quaint compared to the other killing games that are available today.

Final Fantasy

This has spawned a lot of games after it has been released in 1987. This level up game is rated “T: for teen so young adults can play the game without the parents worrying about the violence here unlike other killing games. The series have had its fair share of positive and negative reviews particularly concerning the languages and the characters involved in the story. Usually, the images can be a little graphic for teenagers specifically the sexy ladies in the game but when it comes to the battles and the killing, there are not a lot of bloody scenes in the game.

Ran Online

As you venture into the game, you will need to kill in order to gain money and other items. Using your sword, wand, bow or your fist, you should be able to slay the set of goons and mob in the game. The reason why this is not really a violent game is because it is not, plain and simple. What you kill here are monsters and blood is not displayed on you scene which makes this level up game clean and friendly to the kids.

To know if killing games can be played by your own child, you should check the rating for the games. If it is too mature, then your 10 or 13 year old might not be able to handle it. It all comes down to how responsible you are as a parent.