Veterans who have retired with the military, or simply finished their tour of duty and return to civilian life, often face a quandary in career choices. The same is true of policemen who retire or decide to leave the force. What are some of the best jobs for ex-military and police force officers? Well, the choice is as varied as individual personalities.


It may come as a surprise to some that the field of public education seeks out ex-military for teachers in the classroom. There are many reasons for this, and all of them are valid.

First, an ex-military/forces person is used to discipline. And it takes discipline to be a teacher. Many public schools these days are often populated by groups of students that exhibit little respect for others. Teacher training may involve subject matter courses, but there is little training in holding your temper when confronted by a teenager twice as big as you. People with military training or police training have mastered the art of self control and of diffusing dangerous or threatening situations. This is invaluable in many schools, and can’t be accomplished without specialized training. In addition, military and police veterans often have a “real world” view of life that strikes a chord with students.


Some veterans are attracted to the field of security. Whether you choose to be a body guard, to provide close protection security in hazardous conditions, or supervise security for a business or government, you can find different levels of excitement. The security industry eagerly employs ex-military/forces, knowing that you have the courage and stamina to take on strenuous details. You can also make decisions quickly, and move on those decisions in a timely manner.


Police forces and the military use some amazing technology. If you have been enlisted for even just 3 years, you’ve had some thorough training in cutting edge technology. This can easily be translated into a managerial position with a corporation. As an IT manager, you’ll often come into the job knowing what technology is on its way to the civilian market, and can help your company be prepared to implement the most modern systems.


If you have any background in overseeing military operations or with managing in the police department, you have the best training for becoming a management consultant. You know how to supervise people and move people and equipment. This is actually very high-level training that is hard to get anywhere outside of the military and police department.


Again, your management experience with the military or with the police force will stand you in good stead in the civilian world. The military, especially, builds many different structures, from bridges to buildings to roads. An experienced construction manager needs to coordinate materials and personnel from one site to another and keep projects running on time and, preferably, under budget. As a project manager for a construction company, you will help keep the company in the black.