Ten pin bowling is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable sports out there but the level of enjoyment is almost always directly proportional to how well you’re playing. But, as with most sports, you can improve your performance significantly through practice.

There are also a fair few hints and tips when it comes to ten pin bowling which will be extremely helpful in improving your strike rate and bowling consistency. Obviously, no amount of tips can replace getting out on the lanes and practicing for yourself but if you know the basics right from the beginning, it should make it a good deal easier to get into your stride and becoming as proficient at bowling as you desire.

In order to get your bowling game up to scratch, you’ll need to know some of the basics and if you’re just starting out, some of these beginners’ ten pin bowling tips will certainly stand you in good stead out on the lanes:

Bowling Tip #1 – Foot Positioning is Key

The positioning of your feet will probably have a much bigger impact on your accuracy than you would think. The tendency for most bowlers is to have their right foot pointing towards the pins (if they’re right handed) and vice versa. However, you should aim to have you left foot pointing to the pins when you release as this is likely to improve your accuracy considerably. If accuracy is something that you have been struggling with, then try this tip and see if it improves your bowling consistency.

Bowling Tip #2 – Get your Head in the Game

Concentration is one of the biggest elements to master when it comes to getting great at ten pin bowling because few things are more off-putting than have something put you off your bowl mid-swing. If you want to become the best at bowling, you need to be able to get your head in the game and in the zone so that you can block out any distractions – which there are sure to be plenty of at any bowling alley.

Bowling Tip #3 – Get your Timing Right

Timing is everything when it comes to ten pin bowling. Mistiming the release of the bowling ball by even a second can have a big impact on the accuracy of the throw. Many bowlers who are just starting out will either make the mistake of releasing the ball too early, or hanging onto the ball for too long and not releasing it until they have reached the top of their upswing. Both of these scenarios are likely to lead to an inaccurate and/or low speed bowl.  The optimal time to release the ball is just prior to reaching the top of upswing as this will help to ensure both the accuracy and speed of the ball.


Leo is a sports and lifestyle blogger who loves nothing better than spending his time down the local lanes honing his ten pin bowling technique. He writes for a number of sports and lifestyle blogs and regularly writes content on behalf of bowling apparel retailers Bowling Concepts and is a particularly big fan of their great selection of Charlie Sheen bowling shirts.