Home is where your heart is, but it’s also where all your stuff is. And if you’ve got a lot of stuff, figuring out how to store it all can be kind of confusing. What’s more is that it’s not uncommon to fall in that odd grey area between having good cause to spend the money on a storage facility every month and not really needing to undertake the extra expense. Plenty of us have an abundance of personal effects that we don’t use on a day-to-day basis, but that don’t warrant throwing away, either. Maybe it’s simple posterity. Maybe it’s because your things are priceless family heirlooms. Whatever the case may be, there comes a time, for many of us, at which point we simply cannot stand to look at all of the clutter that has invaded our homes anymore. Surely there is a way to take care of a home storage issue without breaking the bank, or spending an unnecessary amount on a storage space every single month? You’re in luck; there are plenty of them. We’ll talk about some of the best ways to solve your home storage issues, and we’ll make sure to only talk about ones that stay on this side of affordable. With these strategies in mind, you’ll be able to tidy up your living space easily and quickly, and without spending any extra cash.

Thinking vertically goes a really long way, especially if you’ve got a smaller living space. Your kitchen is quite possibly the best room in the house when it comes to applying this philosophy. Making use of those four walls and all the open space they provide can free up some pretty serious cabinet room or drawer space, which means you can get stuff out of the way and have cleaner surfaces and shelf space. It’s easy to decorate your wall with some classy vertical storage in a way that doesn’t look overly busy or cluttered. It’s all about order — just make sure whatever you do has some sense of direction, some kind of pattern that dictates it. No matter what you do, haphazardly throwing stuff up on your wall is going to still have your place looking cluttered and messy.

In places like your bedroom and other areas of the home, consider unused space. You’ve probably got some room under that bed, behind the couch, or in some other nooks and crannies. Compartmentalize, so you can take serious advantage of these smaller areas. Grabbing some tupperware containers or bins at your local retailer is easy and cheap, and makes it super simple to store things to which you don’t need access on the regular. If you feel like you can afford a storage space, of course, you can take advantage of this pretty simple option. Some services will even come pick up your effects for you, and you can perhaps use some sort of packrat promo code to get a deal on your first month. Saving space in your home is easier than you might think, and doesn’t have to cost a fortune at all.