Frizzy hair happens to the best of us, and no matter what the reason it can be a tough and obnoxious thing to deal with. Maybe it’s your genes. Maybe it’s your stress level. Whatever it is, something’s causing your hair to frizz out and if you want to look your best, that might very well involve getting a handle on that frizz and getting your locks under control. A solution to the ferocious frizz has got to be worth its weight in gold at this point, and we’ve actually come across five of them. We’re going to talk about some of the ways you can tame the top of your head and make sure your frizzy hair goes away and doesn’t come back for good. A lot of times there’s more to it than you might think, so some of this stuff might seem new to you. Even if it’s not, these are five decently effective solutions that can help you really get a handle on those unruly locks when you’ve got somewhere classy to go and can’t afford to show up looking like Albert Einstein when you get there.

1. Work with the Season. Climate has a lot to do with the way your hair is behaving, and depending on what the weather’s like outside you are going to want to opt for a different solution to your frizzy hair conundrum. That harsh and cold winter air can really rob your hair of its precious moisture so whatever you do during this time of year should focus on remedying this problem. Use something like shea butter or a similar type of product that’ll really do a lot to lock in your hair’s moisture. If your problem is the opposite and you’ve found yourself dealing with the heat and humidity, then treat your hair to something a little more oil-based for some relaxing frizz relief.

2. Change up the Routine. Our hair gets wise to our tricks, and sometimes we notice that it’s not really responding the way it used to when we use our favorite products. Think about what you’re doing to keep your hair detangled and in line, and maybe you can stand to switch up your routine in a good way. Remember, your hair is going to be best worked with when it’s wet and got a bunch of conditioner in it. Don’t over brush it or you’re going to be dealing with a serious frizz factory on your head.

3. Consider Your Shampoo. Consider changing it, that is. Or maybe even ditching it altogether. A lot of what goes into your hair frizzing out like you would never believe can be attributed you stuff that’s caused by your shampoo. It can really dry stuff out and activate the little coils that cause that frizziness that drives you nuts. If you’re using some kind of generic shampoo, you might want to invest in something that’s a little more gentle. There are also plenty of ways to avoid using shampoo, and looking into this might be a great solution.

4. Avoid High Heat. This one’s a no-brainer, but is especially important if you want your curls to stay looking nice, but also would like to avoid the frizz, please. An ionic blow dryer is going to be your friend here, and you need to avoid high heat like it’s the plague.

5. Conditioner Consideration, Too. Your hair, if this frizziness situation is a serious problem, has different needs than the average scalp. Consider shopping around for a specialty conditioner or buy Chi flat iron online so you can take care of your hair the way you’re supposed to.