If criminal justice is your passion, then you’re certainly in luck. There are a ton of great career options dedicated to the pursuit of justice for those who have done wrong against society, and you’ll be able to really take your pick in terms of which way you want to go about making sure everything remains right in the universe. Even if you don’t decide that you want to get into criminal justice until well after high school or college, it’s entirely likely that you can take whatever it is you’ve studied, and put your considerable skill set to good use in a field relating to criminal justice. Criminals need to get put away, and there are a ton of ways that you can go about and/or help doing it. A career in the field of criminal justice might be very hard work, but the rewards are lasting, and many. You’ll know that your career involves making the world a better and safe place for everyone, as you go about cleaning up the street one bad guy at a time. If you’re really intent on making your city or the world at large a much safer place, there are a lot of ways for you to go about doing it. We’ll talk about some of the many different career options that are available to you if you’re looking to go into a career in criminal justice.

Perhaps the most obvious choice for a career in criminal justice is that of the police officer. There are many ways to go about becoming a police officer, and one of the very nice things is that doing so doesn’t really require any kind of specialized training either in high school or college. Of course, getting your BA in criminal justice while you’re in college is the best first step to any kind of career in a related field, but this more or less goes without saying. It’ll make you more predisposed to that which you consider your calling than anything else will, but a differently specialized degree won’t preclude you from going to the police academy and graduating.

You might not be interested in a career actually enforcing the law, and if this is the case there are a lot of ways to work with criminal justice. You can be a lawyer or paralegal — two different occupations that both work closely with the law and with the criminal justice process in its most applicable form. Whether you’re after your law enforcement degrees or looking to pass the bar and enjoy a long and illustrious career as a lawyer, there are more than enough ways to spend your life putting away bad guys and making the world a better place. With the right amount of studying, your career in criminal justice can be well on its way, and you can make the difference you always know you were destined to make.