Planning a wedding can very quickly become an overwhelming affair, and one of the most important pieces of your big day will come down to the music and the people that are playing it. After all, the music is something that is almost always present at all phases of the wedding, and will be a featured part of your reception party. It’s critically important to make sure that you plan far enough ahead to make certain that your otherwise perfect day is hampered by a poorly chosen band.

The first thing you’re going to want to decide on is how much your wedding band is going to be responsible for. Are you going to need them throughout the duration of the wedding, right from playing the music as people are getting seated and the bride walks down the isle, or are they just going to be a main focal point during the reception. Defining the areas and music that your wedding band is going to need to be responsible for will let you know just how long your band is going to need to be booked for, as well as which type of band you’re going to want to hire. Very few brides are going to want to walk down the isle to the sound of tambourines.

The next main issue to tackle is the style and type of music you want played. While there are a tremendous range of musical interests out there, picking the one you’re most comfortable with and then finding the right band for you is the way to go. If you’re a big time country girl it’s likely that last thing you’ll want to due is hire a heavy metal band to round out your reception. Keep in mind that many wedding bands are well versed in multiple genres, and that could be something you look into to make sure that your guests have the best possible time at your wedding.

Next is interviewing the bands themselves. It’s a great idea to check out at least 3 bands, and a terrible idea to just go with the first ones you meet. Wedding bands will all have varying degrees of talent, and it’s a tremendous idea to ask them to play a couple songs for you. This is going to separate the wheat from the chaff, and save you from having an embarrassing moment when the band strikes up and sounds sour as can be.

Once you’ve narrowed you choices, or maybe even found the band you’d like to play at your wedding, give them a sample set list of the songs you’d like to hear. This is best to do after the initial cuts are made, and any band serious about giving you the type of special day should have no problem giving you a dry run. It’s your wedding, and you should make certain that if you have special songs you’d like performed that your wedding band is going to be able to do them justice.

If everything is sounding smooth and professional, ask them to give you a couple of references to weddings they’ve played at before. You probably don’t want to be the first wedding a band plays, and you definitely don’t want to be fooled by their practice sets only to find out that the drummer always shows up late or the bassist has a couple cocktails too many before playing his set. Even if you’ve fallen in love with a specific bands sound, make sure that you check up on their history to avoid any accidents.

Written by Joel Mayer for Wedding Bands Melbourne, who are specialists in Wedding and Event Entertainment