One of the quickest ways to improve curb appeal is by strategic artificial plant placement. Some artificial plants are created specifically to withstand outdoor temperatures and direct sunlight so are ideal for your landscaping needs. A good quality artificial plant, tree, or flower will create an illusion of natural beauty and fool the best trained eye.

potted trees

Potted trees are excellent choices. They need no pruning, fertilizing, watering, or insecticides…All they need is to be placed and admired, which is a real plus for those who are allergic to certain plants or chemicals used to treat them.

Place similar plants on either side of your front door. This beautiful six foot tall Bonsai ficus tree in its handsome brown stoneware planter is sure to be a head turner.

While others who are planning their landscape are poring over garden magazines and instruction books and searching online for the proper soil and care for their desired trees and plants, you can get a jump start on yours by buying artificial plants, trees and flowers. You are not limited to native vegetation, so even if you live in an area with seasonal weather, you have an unlimited range to choose from. You can even go exotic or tropical by choosing for example this 6 foot 5 inch Mango canopy tree. It comes housed in its own cutting edge designed bronze metal planter.

Be sure to buy a pair to keep your design balanced, placing one on each side of your door to enhance your entrance.

Place artificial trees on your porch, deck or patio. You do not have to worry about falling leaves or leaky pots. The beautiful trees will bring peace and tranquility to your outdoor living. Take this beautiful graceful birch tree with its many natural looking offshoots.

white birchOr you can select this white birch which comes with its own antique copper scuttle with handle. This graceful tree stands five feet and five inches tall.  Note how natural these trees look. The limbs are so realistic you might find birds nesting in its branches.

While decorating your out of doors, don’t forget your patio, deck or porch. Adding silk flowers, trees and plants here will help to make your deck look like a tropical paradise. Life can be very stressful, and homes can and should provide you with valuable rest and relaxation time. This precious time will be enhanced by improving the beauty of your out of doors. The greener your outdoor living space is the more it will look like an addition to your enchanted garden. This deck becomes a wonderful place for an intimate dinner for two or a relaxing meal for family and friends. What a wonderful place to unwind, and the wonderful foliage placed in the planters make all the difference in the world.

hanging plantsArtificial flowers and plants can be hung from shepherds hooks, bannisters, door posts, from the porch or patio ceiling in addition to placing them in window boxes and pots. “Plant” them in pots and anchor with sand or rice if needed, then cover with moss or simply place a row of already arranged artificial plants inside the window box. The beautiful foliage will be all that they see. This versatile plant will work for hanging as well as potted seating on the floor, or ground.

With artificial plants you have the versatility of choosing any type of container and not being concerned with whether it can hold water or not. Beautifully hand woven baskets or your own ceramic pot will work equally well and add interest to the look. You would not get away with this with a real plant, but with an artificial flower or plant the decorating flexibility just adds to the appeal. Add your plants wherever you need some color and watch your humble abode turn into an oasis.