Fundraising used to be something that is hard and almost impossible to succeed at.  It’s easy to see why this is the case.  After all, you are faced with a lot of pressure.  Add that to the fact that you probably used ineffective ideas and you’re facing failure right straight in the eyes.  It also didn’t help that implementing these ideas are hard.  How can you succeed with hard, ineffective ideas?

Easy Fundraising Ideas

You have to know that nowadays, a lot of individuals and organizations are succeeding with their fundraisers thanks to easy fundraising ideas.  Of course, you’re looking for these ideas because you’re sick and tired of failing in your fundraisers which is a shame considering the fact that they’re for a good cause.

Here are the top 3 fundraising ideas that anyone can do:

1.  Sell pizza.

No, you’re not going to set up a pizzeria.  Here’s what you need to do.  First, you’re going to team up with the most popular pizzeria in town.  Buy dozens of boxes of pizza.  Make sure to ask for discounts because you’re ordering in bulk.  Also, make sure to tell the owner that it’s for a good cause and it’s going to help their marketing efforts as well.

fundraising ideasWhat’s next?  Head over to the biggest university in town and knock on dorm room doors!  Sell the pizza by the slice or by the box and make sure to charge a little extra so you can raise funds.  Here’s something that most people know – university students will rarely say no to pizza.  It’s their official food!

2.  Sell candy bars.

If you can knock on doors, you can run this fundraiser.  Timing is very important.  Sell the candy bars before Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  Knock on doors around the community and if there’s something that people absolutely love, it’s candy bars!

3.  Use the power of the Internet.

Set up a Facebook fan page for the cause that you’re trying to raise funds for.  There are also available apps on social media sites that can help you with your fundraiser.  Using social media, you can easily reach out to tens of thousands of people.

You can also write a press release and email it to the local networks that are looking for stories to run.  If your organization is trying to raise funds for a good cause, there’s a good chance that these networks will run your press release on their websites or newspapers.  These networks can help you with exposure that will continue to help you even if you’re already sleeping.

What’s Next?

As you can see, there are a lot of easy-to-implement fundraising ideas that can really help you raise the funds that you need.  It’s just a matter of taking advantage of these ideas!