Every Halloween kids get to dress us as Cinderella, The Joker or even Captain Hook.  So many of these super cool costumes were never available for these kids parents when they were young.  It’s too bad that you can’t re live your youth at times right?  I can imagine a lot of dads jumping into a Wolverine Costumes flirting with their future Supergirl wives!  The good news is that costumes are no longer just for children!  Yes the children get to enjoy going door to door screaming “trick r treat” but tee costume wearing is now enjoyed by all ages.  Below are three costumes all adults are going crazy over as they get prepared to go to their Halloween parties.

3 Costumes Every Adult Would Love To Sport

Bat Girl Costume

Now every adult women can look bad ass as well as sexy.  Who says Men get to be the only night “crusader” in your town.  Men need to take a step aside and watch these women as they sport this awesome Bat Girl costume.

What could make this costume even more fun is even your other half dresses up as Batman.  It’s too often you notice Batman but when you walk in the room nobody will be paying attention to him.  All eyes will be on the beautiful Bat girl!


Captain America Costume

If you want to be that guy who’s sporting that costume at the party that makes other Men’s drop to the ground, this is it!  What guy didn’t watch Captain America?  Outside of Superman and possibly Batman Captain America screams “MAN”.  On top of that you can’t get much more patriotic then being the Captain himself.


Wonder Woman CostumeWonder Woman Costume

Holy cow! This Wonder Woman costume is just as much for the guys as it is the women.  Every adult Women dreamed of being Wonder Woman and every adult Man dreamed of being with Wonder Woman.  Now adults of all age can enjoy both!  Women get to pear this super neat costume dawning the leggings and cape that everyone dreams about.  Forget every other adult costume out there, if you want to be the star of the party then you absolutely have to be wonder woman.


No More Missing Out On The Fun!

Once again who said children had to have all the fun on Halloween?  Do you see the three costumes above?  How cool!?  So many adults partake in Halloween parties without costumes and don’t even realize the fun that they are truly missing out on.  Halloween is one day in the year where you can dress up as one of your childhood hero’s and not receive an awkward look.  Don’t let your kids have all the fun dressing up anymore.  Get yourself one of these or many other super neat costumes!