There are all kinds of people that collect art and it doesn’t have to be a provision for the rich. Saying that, to begin collecting the work of well-known and reputable artists, this can be expensive. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many art collectors tend to fall into the higher income bracket, and along with the rich come the famous.

Here are five famous art people who have been bitten by the art collecting bug.

Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper really fell for the American West Coast’s art scene, inspired by the incredible work from artists such as George Herms and Wallace Berman. He also collected many pieces by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Both of these artists actually became good friends with the actor, who became a familiar face within the scene. In fact, after shooting two bullet holes in Warhol’s painting of Mao Zedong, the artist wasn’t upset, but annotated the bullet holes and named Hopper as a collaborator.

Steve Martin

Martin’s contemporary art collection is known to have some incredible pieces by artists Lichtenstein, Eric Fischl and also works by Picasso. Unfortunately, this led to the actor being targeted by scammers. Believing that he was acquiring a 1915 painting by Heinrich Campendonk, ‘Landscape with Horses’, Martin paid over half a million pounds for the work after an expert confirmed authenticity. Only when the painting was up for auction at Christie’s was the painting found to be fake. The upside is that the members of the forgery ring were arrested and imprisoned.

Sylvester Stallone

While making his name as an action man in the movies, with such iconic roles as Rocky and Rambo under his belt, Sylvester Stallone is perhaps a surprising art collector. While he has been quoted that he is not a fan of contemporary pieces, he is a fan of the work of Todd White. Todd White has become something of a chronicler of the Hollywood scene, which would resonate with anyone who has experienced theses larger than life characters. Stallone himself has dabbled with painting himself, selling pieces that have fetched thousands of pounds.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

An avid art enthusiast from childhood, Andrew Lloyd Webber began by collecting Victorian pieces. Over the years, however, his interests have grown to a variety of other eras and movements. Webber’s private collection includes work by the Romanticists Waterhouse, Millais and Rosetti, and has been shown at London’s Royal Academy of Arts.

Bill Gates

As you would expect from a man of the Microsoft magnate’s fortune, he will have quite remarkable collection of art. This is very true of Bill Gates. While being a fan of American contemporary pieces, including the final piece by Homer, Lost on the Grand Banks. Buying the piece for $36m in 1998 made Lost on the Grand Banks the most expensive work by an American artist. Perhaps one of the most impressive pieces in Gates’ collection is the Codex Leicester, one of Leornardo da Vinci’s scientific notebooks.

The Enid Hutt Gallery attracts a few famous clientelle, interested in growing their art collection.  Painters include the likes of Jack Vettriano, a widely sought after artist.