You have seen them on movies and their work. Who does not want to be a member of a spy club? If you are stealthy, trustworthy, quiet, sneaky and skilled, you might be eligible to join a real spy club. Here are the top choices for such group:

1. A Good Spy Club – At this club, they know that spying is one of the most entertaining jobs in the world. Though they are humorous about their group, they vow to be real spies with a training club for those who wish to become like them. Interested individuals can sign up for membership every summer. A Good Spy Club is only available for those who live in Canada.

2. Spy Club – The club is located at New Albany in Mississippi but that is all the information you will ever get about where they really are. This is a classified spy club for kids. When they join, they will be given a secret name and will be made into an official spy. Many surprises await the members.

3. The Spy “Double Agent” Club – Kids and young adults are welcome to join this spy club. The members here are very much into spy gears and devices as they perform their spying duties. The names of the agents are also changed into their own personal nickname which cannot be decoded by other people as well as other spy groups. Among the existing spy names here include The Coach, Eric Mack and Scout24.

4. Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) – This is a real intelligence agency funded by the government of Australia. The group is responsible for getting out and collecting information about activities that counter the club. They also cooperate with other intelligence agencies across the globe. This intelligence group has been featured many times in popular culture including in the seventh book of the Alex Rider series entitled Snakehead, Alex.

5. CSIS – CSIS is short for the Canadian Security Intelligent Service. This was created in 1984. The group is similar to other espionage agencies namely MI6 and the CIA in which all of them are not connected to police or the military. The CSIS is a civilian agency which is known for wiretapping and strategic investigatory activities.

Becoming a real spy needs hard work and dedication. Select the right spy club for you so that you will eventually become a real spy, have a cool spy gadget and maybe even save the world.