Every single morning I wake up and thank the man above that I am not working in a Paper mill. My father, was a paper maniac at heart, and for some reason those genes just did not get passed down to me. I am not saying that it cannot be cool, and that it cannot be very interesting, because it is.

You would be surprised in what goes into creating something as simple as paper. Simple things we take for granted, like the material that all double cheeseburgers are wrapped in at your local McDonald’s, are constantly being created and evaluated a paper mills. There are all sorts of different kinds of paper, and paper mills don’t just regurgitate the type of paper that goes into your printing machine all day long. No, paper comes in all different shapes and sizes.

The Paper Mill Environment

The Cons

What is one of the main drawbacks of working at a paper mill? The temperature. Working at a paper mill in the middle of summer is like working in the fiery midst of hell. Even in upstate New York (in a city call Plattsburg to be exact) the temperature of a paper mill can almost get to 110 degrees – on a daily basis! You constantly have to step outside every so often so that you don’t risk the chance of overheating. Of course many people get used to this however and it isn’t such a big deal once you get the “hang of it,” which I don’t think I ever will.

Another down side to working in the paper mills is that you have to wear hair nets and beard nets all day long when you are walking in the mill so that you don’t get any hair in the paper. Obviously these two “cons” may not outweigh the high salary’s that you might be making that your paper science degree allowed you to obtain.

The Pro’s

Some of the best things about working in the Paper mill is the fact that you not only learn a lot, but you are constantly working on “cool” and amazing projects. Like I said there is a ton of different things that go into creating paper, so let me start with an example of one of the “cool things” that I worked on in my weeks’ worth of time at a paper mill.

The project: Paper mills use water to clean the paper. This costs them a lot of money and it also wastes a lot of water as they have to continually keep pumping water into the into the system. The project I was working on involved pumping ozone into the water that they already had in the paper mill so that they could keep recycling and reusing it (exactly what a waste management company helps third party members to do).

Why did we use ozone? Because the ozone would undergo a chemical reaction and combine itself to very small fibers and carbons that was in the dirty water which would make the molecules large enough to be filtered out thus making the water clean again.

This would allow the paper mills to keep reusing the same water, so that first and foremost they wouldn’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on circulating new, clean, water into the system (it’s always about money and ROI when it comes to businesses), and second because of the fact that it is also good for the environment!

So that’s my take on the Paper mill world. I hope I haven’t scared you off too badly – I have many family members that love it, and deep down I love it too. Just so happens I love Internet marketing more!