Men and women, despite all claims for equality, have to accept that there are some differences that can never be overcome. Even though they get on a lot of the time, there are always flash points that seem to lead to statements like “men are from mars and women are from Venus”. And though men would hate to admit it, a lot of the time they are at fault. And it seems as though they make the same kind of errors repeatedly. If you, as a female reader, are sitting here nodding your head in agreement, then gather the men in your life and sit them down so that they can read this – everyone will benefit from a little bit more information.

Real men don’t cry

The biggest difference between men and women, apart from the obvious biology, is a fundamentally different treatment of emotion. Men are raised to be tough and almost dissociative, whereas women are encouraged to admit how they feel. The problem is that men and women are not stuck in their past roles. Women can do all of the jobs men can, and it is time for men to ditch the bravado and get in touch with their sensitive sides. Guys, if you are snickering now, you are part of the problem. It takes more bravery for a man to admit what’s bugging him than it does to shut down emotionally.

Mocking people we are jealous of

Most women detest the fact that their men do not cope with competition well. People who are more successful, wealthier, or better looking will inevitably be mocked by men. Jealousy is the most unattractive emotion to any woman, so instead of being negative, trying to see the good in people is always advisable.

Looking at other women

Men use many defences against these accusations.  Looking isn’t touching, mankind has evolved from animals and maintains certain animalistic traits, it’s harmless, but the fact is that this isn’t right. Loyalty is an incredibly attractive feature, and if a man can show any lady that your heart belongs to her, good things will happen. For men who disagree with this statement, consider how the reverse situation feels.

Bathroom hygiene in general

Leaving the toilet seat up, not flushing the toilet, putting wet towels on the floor, and leaving beard and other hairs everywhere will change any loving, affectionate woman into a raging demon. The bathroom is a sanctuary where women do their most personal and private things – a man should never compromise this space.

Too much time with friends

This is an all too common complaint. Men often feel they simply need the space, and that spending time with their friends is part of their man ritual. But from a woman’s perspective, men who express this archaic belief are ignoring the chance to spend quality time as a couple to hang out with those savages called ‘friends’. The biggest problem is not that men need space – it’s the fact that they come home drunk and expect their girlfriends or lovers to be loving and eager. This translates to male exploitation of female affection.

Disgusting bodily noises

Funny when you are below 10 years of age. Now, repulsive. Learn some control and decency. Any man that disagrees with this situation simply needs to imagine a woman doing the same at an important function to realize how juvenile this is.

Bad taste in lingerie

When it comes to lingerie, it is not the thought that counts. On some level, women may very well appreciate the gesture, but lingerie needs to be comfortable and make a woman feel sensual in herself. Buying PVC, crotch less or cheap lingerie is a slap in the face, as a man the aim is to make the woman feel as sensual as possible, not to make her look like a doll. Shop together, do some research, or simply ask female friends for advice.

Conforming to stereotypes

A woman wants a man that opens doors for her, fixes the loo and knows about cars. These are positive stereotypes that any man can conform to even though they are not essential. No woman really desires a vulgar, overweight, abusive alcoholic. Respect women enough to make them happy – the perception of what a real man is has changed.

Men fear what they do not understand

Men will stick to what they know, but being scared to try something new means instant frustration. Many men feel that the things their partners ask them to do emasculate them, without realizing that going to the movies, learning how to dance, or taking a cooking class is an awesome chance to spend some quality time together.

Selfish lovers

Women can have powerful orgasms. Yes. Sex is pleasurable for women too. Historically this is a fact that has been debated and discussed, and even refuted. A couple that shares a happy, mutually giving sexual relationship is far more likely to thrive. And the exploration of what each partner likes can barely be called effort.

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