Apple Inc. does seem to have done some sort of magic on its customers, which are rapidly increasing with each passing day. It can be attributed to the sheer brilliance of the hardware and software technology that is put into their devices. One such device is the new iPad 3.

It is not a totally new device, having a few key areas of improvement than its previous version – the iPad 2. The hardware has no significant change barring the camera and slight increase in the thickness. Although the device, has earned mixed reviews from users and critics worldwide, there is no decline in its popularity whatsoever. Launched recently about a month ago, it has sold million devices till date.

Marketed extensively as a ‘Resolutionary device’, the new iPad is a delight for mobile app developers. It has a high resolution display akin to an HD television (2048 by 1536 pixels). It is a pleasure to view videos, take and browse through photos and images or read eBooks with astounding clarity. Also, it possesses a brand new dual core A5X processor imbibed with quad-core graphics that makes all the apps seem livelier than ever. The other changes being the 5MP iSight camera and 4G LTE.

All these features and functions when combined with the large multitouch screen, makes for a brilliant device that everyone would like to have. There are certain apps by Apple categorized as iLife, iWork, iMove, iPhoto etc. to give you maximum satisfaction as you use them on this particular version of the iPad. These apps as a part of iPad application development make the new iPad a lot better and preferable. Also, the old apps for the iPad 2 will work a lot better when used on this platform.

In a nutshell, people would prefer the new iPad 3 for its following qualities:

  • Razor sharp picture and text : View images and read with utmost clarity
  • HD video with intricate details: Get to view in-depth details that were previously missing
  • Voice dictation features : An in-built feature that has its limitations, it converts speech to text, making your work a lot easier
  • Excellent graphics to enjoy certain kinds of apps:  The processor gives a new dimension to various apps such as games
  • Doubles up as 4G hotspot:  Use your iPad like a hotspot device and connect with other devices effortlessly

Make most of the iPad app development on the new device, especially the custom third-party apps that derive maximum benefits from the above mentioned qualities.