Most people think of old people as slow moving and cranky individuals who possess a weird mothball-like scent. They assume old people sit in their pajamas all day watching reruns of old TV shows and yelling at children playing on the block for being too loud. These old fogies usually have plastic adorning every piece of furniture they own and quite possibly have more than one cat living in their home.

But not all old people can conform to this stereotype. Some old people are more frisky and more fun than those in their 20s. This demographic is not obsessed with their smartphone or their tablets, and they can hold a conversation with a person face to face instead of via text message.

We’ve all seen the pictures or videos of old people doing extraordinary things. There are plenty of YouTube videos with old people skateboarding, dancing and even doing a beer bong. Some old people out there like the have fun, and it’s important to recognize them. The following is a list of five really awesome old celebrities.

1. Betty White

When the phrase “cool old people” is said, Betty White should be the first person to pop into your head. The bubbly and talented woman recently turned 90 years old, and she continues to have more fun than most people. She has been in numerous comedies throughout the years with some very risqué parts. She has also played Beer Pong against Jimmy Fallon on his late-night TV show, and she even hosts her own reality show, “Off Their Rockers”, which is a hidden camera show that features old people pulling pranks on today’s youth.

Though Betty had an amazing career in her younger years, it seems as if the older she gets, the more popular and in-demand she becomes. In fact, she was able to host Saturday Night Live because of a Facebook group that was started as a petition to get her on the show. Betty White is by far the most awesome old person, ever.

2. Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner has been wowing us on stage for many years, but she really stole our hearts as Ben Stiller’s mother in law in the “Meet the Parents” trilogy. Blythe has been a dedicated and amazing access for years, but she really started to shine as she grew older.
In interviews, she is always a funny and happy-go-lucky individual, that she just seems like an old person we’d like to have a drink with.

3. Kurtwood Smith

His real name may not ring a bell, as you know him best as Red Forman from “That 70’s Show”. His crabby, snarky and smart-mouth attitude propelled him to one of the most loved characters on the show. He told it like it was and had plenty of catch phrases that viewers came to love. Because of his great acting talents, Kurtwood Smith is a really awesome old person.

4. Danny DeVito

Viewers have fallen in love with Danny DeVito since he claimed to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s twin brother in “Twins”. He has always made us laugh with his comedic style in real life as well as the characters he played on TV and in films.
His current role as Frank Reynolds  in “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has people laughing so hard they cry. Hit wit and humor continue to amaze us, and he is not afraid to get a laugh simply by walking around in his underwear.

5. The Most Interesting Man in the World

Whether Dos Equis is your beer of choice or not, you have heard of The Most Interesting Man in the World. Though he is a fictional character, we can’t help but love the witty and creative things he says and how he makes us want to try Dos Equis simply because of how sophisticated he is. Cheers to you Most Interesting Man, you are also one of the most awesome.

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