In my native land, being born in a conservative family is considered a boon for a kid. Parents believe in carrying on the legacy of their parents and hope the same from their children, which is something great for that matter. They trust in traditions and age-old customs which include a minute rule of “never speaking in front of the elders”. However, this practice does pose a problem for them when the situation demands them to change their views. I was a “lucky” child too but I never thought in my wildest dreams that this petite rule would play havoc with my life. It wrecked the internal working of my body, that is, my chakras. The worst hit spot was my Throat Chakra. But first, I need to tell you what exactly Throat Chakra is.

The fifth chakra of our body is known as the Throat Chakra. In Sanskrit, it is acknowledged as “Vishuddha”. Located at the back of the centre of our throat, it holds the authority to regulate our power of communication and self-expression. When this chakra is in harmony, we are benefited in many ways. Firstly, it is the very key through which we are able to express our views and opinions to others. Secondly, when we are able to put across our point without any hesitation, we let people aware of our wants and demands. This action, in turn, helps us to achieve our goals and also enhances our creativity. It also equips us with the ability of being a good listener because communication is a two way process.

However, when this chakra is thrown off balance, like it happened in my case, it poses grave troubles for us. Coming back, I was married off to an abusive and overly-possessive man but since it was considered “bad manners” to speak against your parents, I remained silent. As time passed, I found myself in a much miserable condition with scars all over my body. Following my teachings, I did not have the courage to let out my agony in front of anyone. I became more shy, weak and scared. Keeping things buried inside me only worsened the problem. I had lost all self-confidence and felt worthless.

Although, when I was busy being scared of voicing my pains, my neighbors were not. I was rescued after two years of torture. My parents realized that sometimes altering the rules can save somebody’s life. Following my appalling state, I was enrolled for a healing program, namely, Carol Tuttle’s Chakra Healing Program. Gradually, I felt my self confidence returning to me since, the program worked with me in a gentle and soothing way. The techniques and modes of meditations out my Throat Chakra back in pace and my smile returned. Through the program, I learned to love myself again and realized the importance of communication. The negative vibes, which were haunting me, were pulled out and thrown off.

Throughout the post, my only motive has been to spread awareness about the imbalances of chakras, here, the Throat Chakra. If you feel that you fall short at speaking out, then take an action now. Learn to speak up, like I did with chakra healing.

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