Many female movie stars such as Sally Field find that it is difficult to grow old in the movie business when they have worked as actresses in front of the cameras for many years. Sally Field has announced in some of her past interviews that she would never have plastic surgery. In 2007, Sally stated that along with the famous beauty Jane Fonda, she would grow old gracefully without ever having plastic surgery.

Sally Field started out on television as a teenage sitcom star. As she grew older, her youthful appearance allowed her to pass for a much younger person. Even though she is long past her sweet young image, Sally Field plastic surgery rumors always circulate each time she starts a new project. A few years after she said she would never have plastic surgery, she made an announcement that she might consider having it done. Here are some of the procedures that plastic surgeons might recommend for Sally Field and any other woman considering plastic surgery.

Potential Sally Field plastic surgery – Eyes and forehead area

One potential type of Sally Field plastic surgery would be having the skin tightened on the forehead and near the eyes. Botox could also be injected in the eye area and forehead to reduce wrinkling and the appearance of frown lines.

Some observers have suggested that Sally Field’s drooping eyebrows make her look older and should be addressed. However, she always had drooping eyebrows so it is not likely to be a major factor in her appearance. There are plastic surgeons who prefer to keep the original look of the face when they recommend any procedures to create a more youthful appearance. Because the features of Sally Field’s face are already so familiar, it would be wrong to make major changes to her appearance instead of just creating a fresher look.

Sally Field’s smile lines and creases

A potential Sally Field plastic surgery procedure might address her smile lines and creases. Every woman develops these lines as she gets older. It is important to create a natural look. Sally Field has very full cheeks so she will not require any more dermal fillers to be injected here. A surgeon could help improve areas such as her laugh lines near her mouth using injectable fillers.

Neck area may indicate potential Sally Field plastic surgery

It is possible that Sally Field may wish to have the skin on her neck area tightened up. Surgeons often suggest that women who have developed fine lines in this area can benefit from having the skin lifted and tightened here. In some cases, there are large areas of the skin surface that are treated. However, it is possible that having a lot of work done here will create a look that is unnatural. Fortunately there are alternatives to having a lift in this area. For example, the Fraxel repair laser can be used successfully. In this method, the laser is focused on small areas of the skin. The laser resurfaces the area in a way that is not invasive and results in a natural look.

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