When writing an opinion essay you need to present your own point of view on a certain subject, supporting it with reasons and examples that justify that position, and also including the opposing viewpoint with arguments why it isn’t convincing enough. To write a great quality essay you can first decide the topic that you’ll discuss in your essay and your opinion about it, and then make a list of arguments you can use that support your point of view. You can start the essay with a rhetorical or thought provoking question and write it as you are speaking directly to your reader.

This type of essay has its own structure that you should follow when deciding your topic and gathering data that backs up the stated opinion. Here are its three main elements together with tips on how to write better:

  • Introduction. This is the part where you introduce your reader to the topic discussed in your essay and the opinion you have on that topic. Use generic terms and clearly define your argumentation from the very beginning, so that the reader can immediately understand your concept. If your opinion essay topic is formulated as a question, answer it in the introduction part, and leave the elaborations for the main body of the essay.
  • Main Body. The main body of the opinion essay should include arguments and examples that support the conviction you have expressed in the introduction of your paper. Your readers should know why you have that opinion on the particular subject and what is it based on. Aside this, the main body of the essay should also present viewpoints that are opposed to your expressed opinion, together with the reasons why they are proved to be unconvincing.
  • Conclusion. At the end of the essay restate and summarize your point of view to conclude the whole writing.The structure of the argumentation of your views on your opinion essay topic should first be related to your own age, family status, cultural background and personal experiences, so the reader can understand the context in which you are discussing the particular problem. Then you can use different sources of information from multiple disciplines, to further back up and validate your opinions, manifest fluency in the subject, and make your essay sound authoritative, well-thought and justified. You can support, but also challenge each remark with different scientific, historical or axiological references.

An opinion type of essay should be written in a formal style, and the language should not be too personal, meaning you shouldn’t include examples of your personal life, or expose such details, and you should avoid short forms, colloquial expressions and emotive vocabulary. Use clear sentences to introduce the topic and express your opinion, connect them with linking words and phrases, write in well-developed paragraphs, and stay away from over-generalizations. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence that summarizes what that paragraph is about. Don’t go off-topic with your writing. Instead follow your thesis statement and guide your arguments accordingly. You shouldn’t provide additional information on the arguments themselves, like what is their origin, or definition, etc. Also, if you are using statistics to support your viewpoints, make sure that you properly reference the sources you use.

Guide your readers and show them how you’ve developed your opinion on the subject and avoid attacking and disqualifying the opposing arguments or using aggressive tone to judge their standards. No matter how strong your opinion is on the subject, it would be better if you aren’t too excessively vocal about it.

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