Taking up golf is a fantastic way to develop a fun hobby and make good use of your leisure time. Golf is great for socializing, keeping up your sporting edge, or simply getting some time to clear your head. Daily life can be so stressful at times that we simply need to get away, and hitting the golf course is a great way to do it. Fresh air, beautiful landscapes, peace and quiet–golf is a leisure sport if there ever was one. Unfortunately, one of the things keeping many interested people away from golf is the price tag. So how can you get into golf without breaking the bank?

Equipment is naturally the first place to start. If you’re going to take up golfing in any serious, or even semi-serious way, you’re going to need to invest in some equipment. Therein lies the problem for many. Golf clubs and bags can be much more expensive than people realize. One of the best ways to circumvent this problem is by skipping the pro shop and the sporting goods store to buy second hand. Shop at flea markets, check your local Craigslist, and even check the local thrift stores. You’re sure to be surprised at what you find, and the price will usually be a fraction of what you’d pay for new equipment.

So once you’ve got your equipment, you’re going to have to actually learn how to play the game, aren’t you? You could start dropping money on expensive lessons, sure, but that’s not why we’re here. Ask around to see if any golfer friends can show you the ropes. Chances are they’d be more than happy to help. If you want to get in some private practice time, hit the driving range to blast balls across the field and work on your swing. At home or in the office, you could put together a putting set-up to work on your precision. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it every day if you can find the time.

You’ll certainly want to take your new-found skills out to the course at some point. Country clubs often have beautiful golf courses that are open to members, but if this is outside your means, simply look for dedicated golf courses in your area. You’re sure to find plenty that have reasonable rates. Florida residents have great Orlando golf courses to choose from and your area is sure to be rife with places to play. You can even improvise your own course with friends if you don’t mind going for a hike (and probably losing a few balls). Just be sure to find an area where you won’t be launching shots at unsuspecting nature lovers.

No sport should be so exclusive that those interested have no way to get started. Consider these tips if you want to get into golf without sucking the life out of your bank account. Try not to worry about being the next Tiger Woods just yet. Just get out there and have some fun.