As a nurse practitioner, you’ve chosen to educate yourself in one of the most valuable vocations that’s possibly available to a person today. Your decision indicates that you wish to live out your life in true service to others, and with your education you can set about enacting serious change and create a better world for the people and communities with which you surround yourself. What’s more is that as a nurse practitioner, you have a pretty attractive amount of career choices available to you, each of which brings their own unique set of rewards while still actively engaging you in a career that involves the medical expertise with which you chose to educate yourself. It’s nice to know that there are so many ways for you to help out your fellow human being. You’ll find no shortage of career options available that will allow you to put your nurse practitioner skills to great use, and we’ll talk about a few of the best bets when you’re looking for work.

Private nursing is a great way to make money with your nurse practitioner skills — as an on-staff nurse, you’d work for a private company or organization, treating its members and working with the staff to provide medical attention and care. This type of work is typically retained by larger, or more wealthy companies, so it’s a good way to make really good money as a nurse. Similarly, you can work as a private nurse for an individual or family, providing care directly to them and often getting to travel around the world as an on-call family nurse. Not a bad way to make a living, in the least.

Hospice care is another great way to put your nursing expertise to its best possible use, and in a lot of ways this can be some of the most rewarding work you might choose to do within your chosen vocation. Those who provide hospice care give sufferers of illness and disease something that they seriously need in their final days, and these individuals can become integral in helping patients and their family members deal with and process the complicated parts of illness that are sometimes simply a part of our lives.

Whatever your choice, it’s likely that your education as a nurse practitioner will steer you in a direction that sees you devoting yourself to the overall health and betterment of the individuals that make up the community around you. For this reason, there are few career choices more rewarding than that of a nurse practitioner, and now you can rest assured that there are a variety of choices in terms of the actual work you’ll wind up doing. From online nurse midwife programs to specialized university courses, there have never been more ways to learn the skills you’ll need as a nurse practitioner so that you’re ready to put them to good use and seriously benefit the world around you.