Welding is done everywhere when two or more pieces of metal need to be joined together. It’s an important process that’s involved somewhere, in nearly every industry you can think of.

Welders are always needed, whether it is to create or repair and, because of this, there are many different cool welding based careers that you could go into. Some will take you to exciting places not seen by most people, some offer luxuries like no other and all let you play around with awesome welding equipment.

Here’s a list of some of the best of those careers:

1. Building Ships

Everyone that has seen a ship will know that the majority of it is made from metal. The entire hull of the vessel and most of the inside, regardless of what type of ship it is these days, will be metal. This means welders are going to be needed to help build them and put them all together.

If just making a ship isn’t good enough for you, they still need welders on board to carry out repairs. Cruise ships pay welders to experience what only lucky people get once in a life time. When they’re not repairing the occasional broken pipe or other repair, welders get to experience all the benefits of the cruise for free including a room and food.

2. Working in a Pit Crew

Some of the cars that you watch race around a track on TV would have been custom made and with the cars being made from metal, there’s welding involved. Race teams will have a welder working for them to work on the car and carry out repairs, getting to experience what it’s like in the pits by the side of the track working alongside the crew.

Most people would dream of the chance to do that, and welders that choose to take the job get that opportunity.

3. In the Military

The military are always in need of welders, and working alongside them can put you right with the troops in the field. When tanks or structures need repairing, they’re going to need a welder to get it sorted.

Military welders can also be found working in a repair shop, carrying out precision welding to repair parts on vehicles with the aid of equipment such as a welding positioner.

This is a brilliant career path to look at if you want the opportunity to experience welding in a more exciting environment.

4. Managing Pipelines

While it doesn’t sound quite as interesting as some of the other jobs to start, adventurous characters will find working to build pipelines certainly something they’d want to be part of.

Pipelines can go through some very remote places, completely separate from civilisation as we know it. Pipeline welders can be installing or repairing the pipes totally separate from the rest of the world, and this makes it quite exciting for people who enjoy the adventurous nature of being apart.

5. Under the sea

One of the most exciting and specialised careers you can go into around welding is to be an underwater welder. This job involves diving down under the sea, possibly to places no one has ever been before, to carry out welding in this very different environment.

There’s a huge demand for underwater welders, and because it’s such a specialised job it pays very highly. Underwater welders can be expected to do cutting, fitting and inspection of welds all under the water. Not your usual type of job.

Article written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Westermans International, suppliers of welding equipment such as the welding positioner.

Image from Flickr.