Through various methods I have somehow managed to fill my t-shirt drawer with at least 50% free t-shirts. I am very proud of this fact.

There is nothing quite like getting a free t-shirt: they are often so random that they become your favourite t-shirt, they didn’t cost you anything so you feel like every day you wear it is a ‘win’ and when someone complements you on it, you get to tell them how you got it for free. Double win!

So how do you manage to grow your free t-shirt collection? Well to give you some idea of where to look so you don’t miss out, here’s where I got mine…

Work in a Bar

I worked in bars for many years; all through university and on and off when the mood took me ever since. One thing you learn quickly in a bar is that the breweries are your friend, especially when it comes to branding. Any time they have a new drink or want to push a certain brand they will furnish you with a ton of merchandise from beer mats and bunting, to over-size novelty hats and of course t-shirts. Lots of t-shirts.

Win an Eating Contest

One of my favourite shows is Man vs. Food, which sees a guy called Adam travel around the Americas attempting to tackle all the biggest eating challenges, like a 72oz steak, or a 30 egg omelette or a cheese burger bigger than your head. Along with some heavy heartburn, he tends to win a t-shirt for his efforts. I found an eating contest in my area (pancake challenge), won and got the t-shirt.

Sign Up Online

Though it’s not quite as satisfying, it’s possible to get free t-shirts just by signing up to do stuff online. Often you just have to fill in a questionnaire or a series of questionnaires in order to qualify for your t-shirt. This is because t-shirts don’t cost that much to print when you do it in bulk, and some companies will pay a lot for accurate reviews, or polls or marketing information, making the free t-shirts an easy way of drumming up interest.

Make Your Own

While it may be a bit more labour intensive than the option above, it can be a lot more rewarding to make your own t-shirt. Just get one of your old t-shirts (or someone else’s new one) and start modifying it; you might hack off the sleeves, or stitch something new on it or even paint it.

Come Up With A Design

A sly and sneaky way of getting a free t-shirt is to come up with a clever idea for a funny t-shirt and send it to a company whose job it is to make funny t-shirts. Tell them you don’t want compensation for the use of your idea, you just want a free t-shirt when it gets printed. That’s exactly what I did…

What’s your idea for a funny t-shirt?

Alesio Hortuk loves funny t-shirts. He has been collecting funny t-shirts UK by any means necessary for the last 7 years.